Radically transform your diet and lifestyle to support your healing and recovery.

As a Holistic Cancer Coach specializing in breast cancer, I help women implement nutrition and science-based natural detoxification programs that can stand alone or integrate with conventional treatments to support systemic wellness and long-term healing.

I’ve personally had breast health issues since my 20s. Three surgeries, dozens of mammograms and too many biopsies to count. My Mother died from breast cancer at age 62. My last breast cancer scare in 2011 turned out to be another false positive, but an “official” diagnosis was coming if major changes didn’t happen in my life. I was especially concerned about the over-emphasis on screening with little focus on prevention. So, I decided to take greater personal responsibility by upgrading my nutrition, detoxification, work-life balance and much more.

Healing and health is a long learning process. The time just after medical diagnosis and treatment is an especially critical period when most women need healing support to ensure that cancer doesn’t return; instead patients are often cut loose to find their own way. I will help you learn how to heal your biological “terrain” that produced the cancer. You can incorporate whichever ideas resonate immediately into your life, informed by regimens that have worked for myself and others — immediately implementable strategies based on how others did it and are still doing it — which hopefully will save you many hours of research and help you ramp up as fast as possible. 

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DiscIaimer: I don’t practice medicine, am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I’m just a coach offering information and encouragement related to nutrition, detoxification and stress management. Any information offered in these articles should not be acted upon without consulting your physician. For guidance about your specific situation, consult a health professional.

This website is in honor of my Mother, Mary Catherine Walters and my Sister, Juliet Lauren Walters, both of whom left too soon.